A book about the movement of the Holy Spirit in unlikely places, through unlikely people. Come, Holy Spirit Come!

The book of Acts describes events following the ascension of Jesus and the start of the Christian Church. We view it as a lens into how the Holy Spirit is at work in our world and in us today. Join us in reading Acts over the summer, and if you're in the city, come join our weekly conversations every Sunday at 10:10am.


reading acts

Choose whether you'd like to read Acts daily for 28 days, or weekly over the summer.


Daily Reading Guide

If you want to read daily, the Bible app has a great 28-day reading guide that gives you a new part to read each day, right on your phone. Here's how to get started:

+ Download this "Bible" app from the App Store


+ Sign in

+ In the Read tab, change the default Bible version from KJV to NIV

+ In the Explore tab, search "Acts Reading Guide"

+ Select the Acts 28-day Reading Guide

+ In the plan's settings, turn on Reminders


Weekly Reading Guide

If you want read weekly, follow the schedule below:

Print a checklist

June 17 - 24: Read Acts 1 - 2

June 24 - 30: Read Acts 3-4

July 1 – July 7: Read Acts 5-6

July 8-14: Read Acts 7-8

July 15-21: Read Acts 9-10

July 22-28: Read Acts 11-12

July 29-Aug 4: Acts 13-14

August 5-11: Acts 15-16

August 12-18: Acts 17-18

August 19-25: Acts 19-20

Aug. 26 – Sept. 1: Read Acts 21-23

Sept. 2 – 8: Read Acts 24-26

Sept. 9-15: Read Acts 27-28




Join us for a series of conversations with our pastors about the book of Acts throughout the summer.

Sundays | 10:10am-10:50am | all summer

Conversation Schedule

July 1 | An Overview of The Book of Acts. Focus: Acts 1:1-11 and 2:1-13. Led by Pastor Danielle.

July 8 | In the Face of Persecution. Focus: Acts 4:1-23. Led by Pastor Danielle.

July 15 | Following Jesus. Focus: Acts 6:8-7:59. Led by Pastor Jim.

July 22 | Indoor Picnic (no conversation)

July 29 | God’s People Are All People. Focus: Acts 8:26-36. Led by Pastor Jim.

August 5 | Never Too Late. Focus: Acts 9:1-31. Led by Pastor Jim.

August 12 | Erasing Boundaries. Focus: Acts 10:23b-48. Led by Pastor Danielle.

August 19 | Not Alone: Companions and Conflicts. Focus: 13:1-? 15:36-16:5. Led by Pastor Gary.

August 26 | Unbound and Uncontained! Focus: Acts 28:17-31. Led by Pastor Gary.