Children, Youth, & Families at Advent

Sunday School page_calendar imageWhy make Sunday School part of every week?


Sunday School gathers in the sanctuary every Sunday at 10:05am and ends at 10:55am. Here’s a peek into what happens during, around, and because of that time together:



Family WorshipFamily Worship

Family Worship welcomes families into song and praise, incorporating singing, guitar, piano, and drums. Teens are invited to support the Family Worship team in leading songs and skits for the younger kids, and parents are invited to accompany their children and join in on the fun. There’s a place for every family member at this worship.




Age GroupsAge-based Learning Groups

Four learning groups with their own age-appropriate activities:

  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Teens


TeachersTeacher Teams

Each age-based learning group is taught by a team of two teachers throughout the year, who will build relationships with their group, stay in communication with families week to week, and work together to create the best learning experience possible while building community within their group.




ScriptureEngaging Scripture

Sunday School is an opportunity for kids to explore the Bible through reading, conversation, and fun activities with their peers. From unforgettable stories to important verses, we cover it all, following the Sunday lectionary, so they’re always learning about the same Gospel text as the whole congregation is in 9am, 11am or 12:45am worship.




Circle PrayerPracticing Prayer

Our Sunday School program teaches the practice and power of prayer–the “how” and the “why.” Our weekly prayer keeps children, youth and families in the practice of praying together each week.





CraftsCrafts Kids Love

We strive to deliver crafts and activities that kids can get excited about, every Sunday. Take-home crafts that connect to the Bible reading of the day help kids to remember what they learned even when they get home.





Christmas PageantChristmas Pageant

On Sunday, December 11, we’ll get to tell the Christmas Story through a creative theatrical production in worship. Rehearsals will begin late November in Sunday School.





Faith FriendshipsLasting Faith Friendships

Consistent participation in Sunday School helps children to build faith-centered friendships at Advent. These friendships can continue to provide spiritual and personal support into high school, college, and beyond.





Childrens Worship AreaFamily-Friendly Worships

Our 9am and 11am worship services are welcoming and comfortable spaces for families. During both services, children and families are welcome to explore activities in the Children’s Area at the far right side of the sanctuary. At the 9am service, children are invited downstairs to “Children’s Church” during the sermon to hear their own version of the Gospel message.




Service 2Opportunities for Service

We provide opportunities for our Sunday School families to serve others through our Community Feeding Ministries and other special events.





AdvocacyThinking Globally

Our Sunday School families come up with ways for their children to engage our whole congregation and make an impact in other parts of the world.