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Travel with us to El Salvador this July 18-25 and transform your perspective on faith, ministry, and community.


Be part of the adventure this summer when a group from our church travels to El Salvador! See how God is at work in El Salvador and our lives, as we connect with our brothers and sisters there, learn about the history of the country, and witness the Salvadoran Lutheran Church at work. Know you’re interested? Sign up for more information and updates via email, and don’t miss a beat.


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What We’ll Be Doing

The core of our trip will be spent visiting our sister church, Pueblo de Dios, in Calderitas El Salvador. There we will accompany and support Pastor Christian and members of the church in their ministry. We will worship, celebrate, laugh, and enjoy our time with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Calderitas.

We will also tour various important sites throughout El Salvador, learn about Salvadoran history, and the work of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador. We’ll inspire others and be inspired, see how God is at work in El Salvador and in our lives, and grow our perspectives by learning about another culture. And we’ll eat a lot of papusas!


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“I can best sum it up as a social-spiritual transformation.  I am really glad my young adult daughter and I took this trip together.” – Chandra Travis

“You will be amazed at the faith of the people. The trip made me more compassionate toward and passionate about refugees and asylum seekers.” – The Rev. Margay Whitlock

“I loved being in El Salvador! I didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Despite the high crime rate I never felt afraid or insecure. I enjoyed living in community with the children and other members of Advent. It was an eye opening experience.  I felt lifted up and inspired by everyone’s kindness.  And TrinI [Maria Trinidad Olmedo, our host at the Lutheran guest house]  became my hero.” – Barbara Bell

“One visit from you is worth more than one million dollars to us.” - Christian Chavarria, Pastor of Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church, Calderitas

“By participating in this trip, not only do you enrich the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ, but you also make an investment in yourself and your spiritual life.” – Julie Mulherin, laison and trip leader in El Salvador


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Come join our Informational Session at 10am or 12pm Sunday, April 23 here at Advent Lutheran Church.

Come hear about the trip from past participants, have all your questions answered, and get assistance with the application to join this year’s trip. RSVP now.


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Trip Cost: $575 (plus airfare)

Price includes lodging, food, and transportation while in El Salvador. Additional costs: Airfare to San Salvador (usually $600-800), souvenirs, and tips. Financial assistance is available. Email group member, Norma Martin, to learn more: nmartinnyc@gmail.com


History of the Sistership between Advent and Pueblo de Dios in Calderitas

Advent started visiting El Salvador in 2010. In 2014 we signed our sistership agreement with the Lutheran Church in Calderitas. In 2015 we participated in the official blessing of the name of the church: Pueblo de Dios. In 2016 we helped get the new worship space ready. In 2017 YOU can travel with a group from Advent and continue strengthening our relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

We understand that safety is big concern for anyone considering traveling to El Salvador. Our trip is planned by experienced travelers to El Salvador in collaboration with the Lutheran Church in El Salvador. We take every precaution to ensure the trip is safe. We stay at the Lutheran guest house on the grounds of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church offices. There is a gate which is locked at night and staffed 24/7. We have our own microbus for transportation. We go everywhere as a group, and we only go to places that Salvadorans advise are safe to go to.

“I loved being in El Salvador! I didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Despite the high crime rate I never felt afraid or insecure.” – Barbara Bell, recent trip participant


Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

Not at all! People who do not speak Spanish will still have a great time! As will those who do speak Spanish. Everything will be translated into English.


Is financial assistance available?

Yes! It is limited, so act fast! Email group member, Norma Martin, to learn more: nmartinnyc@gmail.com


Ready to join us?!

Print the application for our 2017 trip July 18-25, and get started now. Our application deadline is May 1. If you are planning to request financial assistance, please submit your application by April 1.


Have more questions?

Veteran group member, Norma Martin, would be happy to hear from you: nmartinnyc@gmail.com