Our Congregation

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Our Congregation

Advent Lutheran Church is a multicultural, progressive congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Advent strives to be an inclusive community of faith, where the example of Jesus’ welcoming all people remains foremost in our ministry.

We host a variety of children and youth programs, as well as a full complement of adult education and faith development opportunities.

We reach out and serve our community through a monthly food pantry and community lunch, and reach out to the wider world through various global ministry initiatives.
Advent utilizes a wide variety of the many resources of the Lutheran tradition in our worship services. We welcome diverse forms of liturgical expression while maintaining the historic beauty we have inherited in the Lutheran liturgy and hymnody.

We invite you to live as part of a diverse and dynamic Christian community. We pray you will feel support and love here that will make a profound difference in your life.

Individual communities of faith, such as Advent, can each shed a particular light on what it means to be Christian in today’s world. Advent’s gospel message is of worship and service, lived out in a community of faith. From feeding the hungry to being open to all sorts of worship experiences, from welcoming people of many different lifestyles to listening without judgment to each other’s beliefs and unbeliefs, from supporting each other in prayer to searching out ways to further the cause of economic and political justice, we are a community. Come and live life as part of a Christian community. The support and love you receive here may make all the difference in how you live your life.

Our Building

Christmas at Advent, 2012Advent Lutheran Church is blessed to carry out its many ministries in a beautiful, historic building. Built in 1900 by the noted architect William Potter, our building’s primary design elements are by Louis Tiffany. The work of the Tiffany studios graces not only all of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary, but a ceramic mosaic behind the altar as well. In addition, Tiffany designed the sanctuary lamps and pews and painted the decorative organ frontal pipes in the front of our sanctuary.

The building certainly reflects the historic musical heritage of the Lutheran tradition. Being heirs of Luther and Bach’s profound hymnody, our building was built as much for music as for the spoken word. One can only appreciate the depth of our building’s acoustic brilliance by experiencing it first hand.

Come share in and experience the beauty of this sacred space. It is in this beautiful sanctuary that we hear God’s Word through both music and silence, through both friendship and authentic encounters with the Divine.

Our Lutheran Tradition

The central message of the Lutheran church is that God’s love and grace are freely given by God to all people through Jesus Christ. No actions or efforts of our own are required to earn forgiveness and to experience the freedom to live lives unlimited by selfishness and sin. Lutherans trace this message back 500 years, to the work of Martin Luther, a German monk who advocated for reform within the Catholic church of his day. Luther’s theology began the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and also generated reform within the Catholic church. Today, Lutherans stand in close communion with Catholics, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists and other mainline Christian denominations in preaching the good news of God’s love to all people.

The hallmarks of the Lutheran church are worship and service. Lutherans celebrate Holy Communion weekly, to experience and be inspired by the ultimate love and sacrifice of Jesus. The Lutheran liturgy is full of music and singing, uniting the congregation in active worship, either in traditional or contemporary modes of expression. The goal of regular worship is not only to build up the individual and the community, but to empower each member to carry God’s message of love and forgiveness into the world outside the church to build faith that is active in love.

Advent is a member of a the Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Visit the ELCA website for more information on the Lutheran church and Lutheran heritage.