Advent's doors are open to all. We are a lively, welcoming and growing Christian community dedicated to sharing our faith through worship, outreach, and service.
First time at Advent?
  • Sunday, September 6
    9am, 11am - Pastor Ann Tiemeyer; 12:45am (Español) - Pastor Gary E. Mills
  • Sunday, September 13
    9am, 11am - Pastor Gary E. Mils; 12:45am (Español) - Pastor Gary E. Mills
Sunday School, Choirs, Confirmation, High School Youth Group, and more!

Read more about how all the amazing ways children serve, worship, learn, and meet God in their community!
Saturday, September 26 - Community Lunch
We serve 180+ meals between noon and 1 pm on the 4th Saturday of the month. Read more

Saturday, September 5 - Food Pantry
We distribute 140 bags of groceries at 10:30 am on the 1st Saturday of the month. Read more

Nuestro ministerio de habla español reúne para la Misa cada domingo a las 12:45pm y durante la semana. Visita (clic) El Ministerio Latino y conocer más sobre nuestro ministerio y los servicios en español. ¡Bienvenidos Todos a la Misa en Adviento! También se puede hacer clic en las pestañas de Worship o de Program arriba.